Instagram – a format in its own right

Instagram has popped up as a new place to show your pictures, and its popularity has reached far beyond the intimate sphere of digital photograhers. I suggest you embrace this development!

Everybody is on Instagram nowadays. Eberybody is expressing themselves in pictures, documenting their lives with a camera that they carry around everywhere, even commenting on other peoples’ photographs.

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Instagram a photographic revolution

Isn’t this what we photo nerds have always dreamt of? Of course it is, it’s fantastic! And it’s a fantastic opportunity for you.

Instagram is no less than a revolution in photography. It deserves a serious treatment and an active creative ambition.

I’ve seen respected and professional photgraphers snore at Instagram, seeing it as a ridiculously small format where people with bad photographic equipment abuse creative filters and publish terrible snapshots of themselves seen through a mirror.

I won’t object to that description, but there’s more to Instagram than that.

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Instagram is the new black in digital photography

Bearing in mind that smartphones is overtaking computers as the most used device for surfing the web, you cannot deny this new small picture format its place in photography. This is how most people will watch photos in a foreseeable future.

This is of course also the reason why Flickr has developed a mobile app for iPhone and Android.


So, how should you, as a serious and ambitious digital photographer, adapt to the particular format of Instagram (and other photographic platforms for mobile devices)?

One thing is to consider the Instagram addition to a classical photographic concept – the figure-to-ground relationship.