Taking sharper pictures – 9 quick fixes

Motion blur

Imagine you stumble into an event that is totally unique, and you’re lucky enough to have your camera with you (since you never leave the house without it, maybe it’s even built into your phone). An alien ship is landing in your backyard, your secret love is walking naked down the street, the robbery of […]

Instagram – a format in its own right


Instagram has popped up as a new place to show your pictures, and its popularity has reached far beyond the intimate sphere of digital photograhers. I suggest you embrace this development! Everybody is on Instagram nowadays. Eberybody is expressing themselves in pictures, documenting their lives with a camera that they carry around everywhere, even commenting […]

Figure to ground relationship on Instagram


Henri Cartier Bresson The figure-to-ground relationship is used in photography to describe the relative size of the motive (figure) compared to the background. For a photograph to work, the motive needs to stand out from the background – simply so you can see it properly. Figure to ground – classical definition The motive needs to […]

How many pixels do I need?

Digital cameras come with more and more pixels. A couple of years ago, three megapixels (three million pixels) was a lot, now you need three times as many to have a lot of pixels. Some pro models now feature more than 20 million pixels. But pixels don’t come for free. The more pixels you want, […]