Digital photography is fantastic. It takes so little, not more than a phone actually, and you can get started. Fire away at will, there’s no cost involved. No film to buy, no development. Sit down at your computer, or even with your phone, and all your photos are there right away. No waiting for the lab to get ready. Adjust, crop, add a frame and show them to the world. No photo album collecting dust in the book shelf. No slide projector to fetch in the attic and mount in the living room only to realize the lamp is broken.

All you need is a simple camera and an understanding of the photographical process. I can’t give you a camera, but I hope I can give you some understanding. I’ll try and share my own understanding, for what it’s worth. I hope you enjoy it.

So, what to do now? Grab your camera. Turn on our vision. Take good photos.